Pachamama Ylang Ylang Holy Basil 750mg

Pachamama Ylang Ylang Holy Basil 750mg


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Popular in Traditional Chinese Medicine, ylang ylang is used to help reduce stress and nurture a sense of harmony throughout the body and mind. Holy basil is known as the 'elixir of life' - helping the body adapt to stress and maintain balance while protecting it from toxins and infections.

Certain compounds - like terpenes - are responsible for its sweet aroma and bioactive properties such as antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory.

Referred to as 'The Queen of Herbs', holy basil an adaptogen known to help the body adapt to stress by maintaing a natural state of balance. It is tradtionally cultivated for religious and mediincal purposes, and famously used in the ancient Indian medicine system, Ayurveda. Many f it's potential benefits are credited in its ability to help the body maintain homeostasis while offering protection from tosin-induced damage.